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Why is it so important to trim a dog’s nails?

If the nails become too long, they can affect the dog’s posture and movement, causing severe strain on the ligaments.

Dog nail clippers have traditionally been used to trim dogs’ nails and are still popular for maintaining the correct length of a dog’s nails.

Even though this tool works for many dogs (especially if the dog has been introduced to the clippers from an early age), there is still a large number of dogs who will simply not tolerate nail clippers and will not even allow their paws to be handled. Many of them have had bad past experiences, especially if the quick (blood and nerve supply in the nail) was cut during attempted nail trimming.

Rescued or neglected dogs in particular often have a bad association with this grooming task. For these dogs, even the site of nail clippers will send them into a highly stressed state. The only option then may be to sedate the dog at a vet clinic.

Dog nail grinders may be a good alternative. But once again, many dogs do not like them – they are scared from previous bad experiences and will not allow their paws to be handled. Also, the noise and heat may frighten them.


The DiggerDog Nail File can be the solution!

The dog doesn’t associate this file with the trimming of its nails at all. It will happily scratch/dig for a food reward and trim its front nails while doing so. Because the file works on a dog’s natural instinct to dig for food, it works specifically and only on the more problematic front paws’ nails.

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