When I got my beautiful Doberman Zana, I wasn’t aware of how difficult it may be to trim a dog’s nails.


Zana wouldn’t even let me touch her front paws, so when the time came, I decided to take her to a Vet. It was immediately obvious that even there it would be a difficult task. Despite the three of us – the vet, the nurse and I, trying to restrain her, it was almost impossible – she ‘fought for her life!’ Eventually the vet managed to clip one nail but Zana became even more distressed, the nail was bleeding and I stopped the procedure.


Soon after this incident we moved to the beautiful Queensland city of Cairns (where we lived for four years, before returning to Melbourne).

One day I was having a cup of tea in the garden and was watching Zana digging for her hidden treasure – an old bone. When she came back to me, I noticed that the nails on her front paws were shorter. She had given herself a little pedicure!

Why couldn’t I use her natural digging instinct to let her trim her own nails?

As you know, the majority of dog training is done by using food rewards. I was going to try this for my idea!

My mum Irena Sr. and my partner Damon loved the idea and we all started working on this new project. After months of trial and error, finally a break through!

A new and exciting product was born – the DiggerDog Nail File.