Q. Will this file work with my dog?

From our extensive experience and customer feedback, we are confident that the file works with the vast majority of dogs regardless of their breed, size or age. However, if your dog is not food motivated, is extremely timid (i.e. too scared to approach a new object) or physically unable to scratch/dig, than this product may not be suitable. For a dog that is not interested in working for food, but loves its toys, try to use a favorite toy (small enough to fit inside the food compartment) instead of a treat.

Please click on the red link below to watch an instructional video, showing the process of teaching a dog how to use the file.

Q. What about the nails on the back paws?

Dogs use their back legs to propel themselves forward and thus trim the back nails much more than the front nails. Because of this, many dog owners find that they don’t need to trim their dog’s back nails or they need to do it much less often than the front nails.

Dr Doug English (formally from Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital QLD) explains: ‘Trimming a dog’s nails is an important health task. It is more important to clip the fronts, because the hind toenails wear better as they are used more when the dog moves.’

Donna Hill, a dog trainer from Nanaimo, BC, Canada: ‘Most dogs do better with trimming the back feet because they can’t see what’s going on’.

Q. How long will the abrasive surface last?

The abrasive plates on our latest model are stainless steel and therefore even more long-lasting. However, should they eventually wear out or get damaged in any way, they can be easily removed and replaced with new ones (contact us for more information).

Q. Does the file shorten the dew claws?

Unfortunately NO, as these are located too high up the dog’s legs.

​Q. Where is DiggerDog made?

This product is an Australian invention. It is made in Melbourne, Australia..

​Q. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. However, please check your country’s Import duties. Alternatively, you can buy the file from Amazon USA. Contact us for more details.

The file is Recommended by

Dr Kate Lindsey, Veterinarian, animal behaviourist and zoologist, owner of 'Kalmpets' Perth, Western Australia


Chiara Perri - Owner of Point Cook Dog Training and Day Care, Senior Behavioural Trainer, mindDog Trainer and Assessor

Any other questions feel free to reach out to us anytime at ddnailfile@gmail.com

Testimo-nails :D

So happy with this purchase. We've only had it for 2 days but already my Weimaraner's very thick, overgrown nails are grinding down and she is getting the hang of the game very quickly. Finally an answer to an issue we've faced for years!

Gemma and her dog Winona

My dog is not fond of any nail clipping, grinding, trimming or whatever that has to do with his paws. This product has been life changing, I no longer stress about his nails. 5-10 swipes a night for a week and his nails are looking great. Try it out, I highly recommend it!

Khoa and his dog Roku

Nail trimming was stressful and expensive. My rescue hates having her paws touched, let alone nails trimmed. We tried everything and I eventually resorted to monthly trips to the vet. FINALLY I found this and it has taken all the stress out of nail trimming. Worth every penny to relieve the emotional distress for both me and the dog.

Maria and her dog Jessie

This product can be life changing. It has turned my dog's stress, fear and pain from nail trims into a fun game. What a great invention!!!

Jamie with her dog Sookie

So surprised and grateful that this works!!! No more sedative for my dog resulting in another failed attempt to get his nails clipped at the vet. He loves using and getting treats from it and it is a total bonus. It was difficult the first few times we tried to use it. But I’m so surprised and so eternally grateful that this works.

Clare and her dog Jack

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the product - it is beautifully made & easy to use. I followed the video instructions & we had success on the first go. Now I get it out & he gets excited & thinks it's a game.

Julie and her dog Harry


My dog had so much anxiety and she LOVES this! She thinks it’s a game and she loves putting her bone in there and playing with it! Thank you for this amazing invention!