nail trimmer for dogs

The Digger Dog Nail File is a unique nail trimmer for dogs.

Call it a dog claw trimmer, dog nail grinder or toenail grinder for dogs, it makes trimming your dog's front nails easy.

The original Dog Nail File by DiggerDog will make the trimming of a dog’s front nails easy and fun.

Our unique dog nail file is like a big scratching board that allows a dog treat or a toy to be hidden inside. 

Large and small dogs will joyfully scratch and grind their nails down trying to get to the toy or treat. Dogs will think this is a game of hide and seek.

We use quality stainless steel for the abrasive plates, which are removable for easy cleaning.

The stainless-steel abrasive plates are very efficient yet not too harsh. They will not rust and we expect them to last several years. Should you eventually need to replace them, simply contact us to order a new set.

The DiggerDog Nail File is a great alternative dog nail trimming tool for dogs that do not like dog nail grinders or dog nail clippers.

Our unique nail trimming device is also gentle enough to use with puppies, as long as it is carefully supervised by the owner. Please contact us prior to using the file with puppies. We will give you further advice relating to use with young pups.

Made in Australia

  • Width: 23cm / 9 inches
  • Length 34cm / 13.38 inches
  • Height 4cm / 1.57 inches (excluding handle)
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